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VOIP Phone Systems Schaumburg Illinois 60173

Small Business Phone Systems

VOIP Phone systems are a small business phone system and service with unlimited Local, Long Distance Calling and loads of features, without all the added costs.

Getting your Schaumburg, Illinois business a New cloud-hosted phone system can save up to 60% off current costs when compared to traditional phone service providers. No longer do you need a closet full of telecom equipment, or to hire expensive technical personal to operate and maintain your system.

Hosted PBX Service.org is an authorized Partner of the Countries leading VOIP Providers, and can get you the very best options and pricing for your company without the hassle of having to meet with each carrier, and we do our work for you for FREE!

Save up to 60%

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A Hosted PBX will also make sure you never have outdated technology again. Since all the hardware resolves in the cloud the carriers keep all the services up to date with the latest in technology and features.  So your always up to date and never have to pay for new upgrades.

Benefits of virtual PBX for business in Schaumburg

A Virtual PBX systems will allow you to easily Collaborate, and compete better with a nimble, world-class, small business VoIP phone system.

No expensive on-site hardware or wiring. No extra setup costs when you want to grow, simply add more phones.  All you need is high-speed internet to get your small business VoIP phone service started.

  • Plug-and-play small business phone service
  • No on-site installation required
  • Use your current internet
  • No need for technical expertise to operate and maintain

Maximize your system uptime and safeguard your Schaumburg businesses data.

  • On-premise PBX systems do offer some measure of security, since they are physically controlled by a specialized IT team or service business vendors. However, it is precisely this environment that leaves your phone PBX vulnerable to a security breach or natural disaster.  A virtual PBX eliminates these threats.
  • A cloud PBX carrier has housed switches in bi-coastal, Tier 1 data centers and features multiple layers of redundancy, failover technology, physical and biometric security, encryption, system hardening, and 24/7 monitoring. So, your valuable company data and communications are protected by enterprise-grade security.
  • Ensure business continuity during emergencies or disruptions. In the event of a power outage, inclement weather, or a major disaster in your area, your operations can continue without interruption. With the carriers mobile app, employees can call, fax, text, and host conference calls and online meetings using their smartphones or tablets. Even if internet service is unavailable or of low quality, the mobile app can use cellular voice and data networks.
  • Maximize system uptime and quality of service (QoS) for your phone PBX with carrier-grade reliability. What does “carrier-grade reliability” really mean? your Hosted PBX operations are co-located in world-class data centers with all of the major US telecom companies, so response times and interconnect services are the same as those provided by the titans of telecommunications.

Hosted PBX systems have over 40 business grade features once only found in Large, expensive in-office PBX systems.  Here are just a few:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to email
  • Hunt Groups
  • Simultaneous ring
  • Call forwarding
  • Find Me Follow me
  • Mobility
  • Unlimited local and Long Distance calling
  • Music on Hold
  • Extension dialing
  • Conference calling
  • Three way calling
  • and much more..

Lower overall costs and increase your Companies ROI.

  • Eliminating on-premise PBX hardware reduces initial expenses, as well as the long-term, hidden costs of maintenance and expansion. With a Virtual  business PBX, you don’t have to shoulder the burden of hardware upgrades and upkeep. Your state-of-the art cloud communications system is continually updated to deliver the latest in communications technologies.
  • The simplicity of cloud PBX means there are no “sunk costs,” so you’re spared the expense of specialized IT staff or outside vendors. Legacy systems require onsite support for everything from troubleshooting to adding new extensions, and manufacturer-specific training is required to service these devices. With a Hosted PBX system for your Schaumburg Illinois business, you can manage the entire system online�”no obscure certifications required.
  • It is simple to use and easy to manage. Each user can modify powerful features such as call handling, voicemail, greetings, and much more without IT assistance�”so they (and the IT team) can be more productive.
  • Avoid convoluted billing. Choose a single provider for all your business communications, and receive one bill for all users, locations, and features. VoIP system, mobile minutes, fax, text, voicemail, conferencing, online meetings, the virtual receptionist, and desktop and mobile apps�”everything is included in one low, monthly cost.

Choose a solution that can flexibly adapt and scale to business needs.

  • Keep you existing numbers or get new phone numbers, get locations, phone lines, and extensions up and running the same day. And with a desktop and mobile apps, your cloud business PBX doesn’t require hardware like the systems traditional systems of the past, so you don’t have to wait for equipment to be shipped and installed before you can start working.
  • Easy management from the admin portal or by using the mobile app assigned to each phone extension,  you’re able to add permanent or temporary employees, and purchase devices to the system immediately and change group or individual user settings just as quickly.  Spend less time on admin tasks and focus on mission-critical ones like growing your business.
  • Accommodate remote sales personal or staff who are always on the go or people who work at client sites or from home offices is smart business. Unlike traditional PBX systems,  provides your employees with the freedom and the flexibility to work more efficiently, no matter where they are.

When people are empowered to work where and how they choose, their productivity increases, and so does your company’s bottom line.

Choose Phones from leading suppliers:





and many more to fit your requirements.

What’s a cloud-hosted VoIP phone system?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. That means your Schaumburg, Illinois office phone system will run over high-speed internet and connect your IP network to the cloud. A VoIP office phone service that’s hosted in the Carriers Cloud and is  feature-rich, reliable, efficient, and affordable and can be an integral part of any sized business from a small business phone system or a mid-sized/enterprise phone solution. The Virtual PBX phone system uses IP communications, allowing businesses to make calls over the internet – rather than old-fashioned phone lines. … Unlike traditional PBX systems that require on-premises hardware, the Virtual PBX system is hosted securely in the server of your VoIP provider.

If you are ready to upgrade your phone system and save as much as 60% off current telecom costs,  give us a call today (833) 785-3388

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